2018 Mill Levy Override and Bond Proposal

2018 Mill Levy Override and Bond Proposal
2018 Mill Levy Override and Bond Proposal

2018 Mill Levy Override and Bond Proposal

Douglas County School District Board of Education recently voted to place a $40 million Mill Levy Override (MLO) and $250 million no-new-taxes Bond on the 2018 ballot. Unlike our neighboring school districts, Douglas County School District has not passed a MLO or Bond since 2006.

If passed by voters, these new funds would be used at our school to:

  • Increase teacher and staff pay

  • Add counselors for our students

  • Enhance safety and security systems

  • Make much needed repairs and upgrades to our building

    • Replace generator for emergency systems

    • Replace and upgrade fire alarm system

    • Replace roofing

    • Replace interior door hardware

Douglas County School District would also evaluate our building for additional needed repairs that would make our learning environments as safe and productive as possible for our students.

New MLO/Bond funding would also be used to upgrade information technology (such as classroom computers) and transportation (such as aging buses), and offer more student programming opportunities, including additional career and technical education options.

The average Douglas County homeowner, with a home valued at $470,000, will pay an additional $17.33 per month ($208 per year) if both measures are approved. If neither are approved, the average homeowner would see their school property tax bill decrease by approximately $67 in 2019.

You can read more about Douglas County School District’s funding challenges at www.dcsdk12.org/funding.

Thank you for continuing to be an engaged and informed member of our school community!