From The Principal July

July, 27 2020
From the Principal clipart of kids with backpacks

My Wonderful Heritage Staff & Families,


There’s a lot of ever-changing news swirling around us each day as to how we will reopen our schools to educate our children. I wanted to take a moment to update you on what I know as of today for our reopening of Heritage Elementary. 


I want to first thank you as a community for your encouragement, support and trust as we make our way through this unprecedented time in our world. True to the Heritage community, you seek to listen and understand the details that will support the best decision for your circumstance.


Our intent at Heritage is always to provide a safe environment for students’ academic, social, and emotional growth.  As we reopen, we will take all of the precautions we can to help protect our staff, students and families while providing essential learning opportunities for our precious children.


On Saturday, July 25th the DCSD Board of Education met and established a plan for our return to school.  Families have the choice of the 100% eLearning option, or they can choose to return to school in a hybrid model.  We will be sharing the specific details of this model very soon.  As you can imagine, we will spend many days over the next two weeks creating schedules and finalizing our plan at Heritage.  We will share this information with you as early and often as we can.


I anticipate more information, details and changes to come in daily. I will update you all as we get more definitive details. Please continue to reach out to us as we develop our plan for reopening school.




Jean Wolach