Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

Calling All Kindergarteners!
Kindergarten Registration- crayons

Calling All Kindergarteners!

They’ve learned their ABC’s and 1 2 3’s

They know their colors and when to say “please”

They’ll make lots of friends and have lots of fun

LOOK OUT KINDERGARTEN, here they come!

Explorers In Action

Heritage Elementary offers a free full-day kindergarten experience that is second to none!  Our explorers engage in opportunities daily focusing on the whole child and creating a warm, welcoming environment for their first year of elementary school. Your child is about to begin an amazing adventure where they will meet new friends, learn from dedicated educators and begin building the foundation for a lifelong education. As you get to know our staff you will see that they are passionate about children and learning and bring that spirit to the classroom every day.

Kindergarten Registration opens December 2, 2019

Enroll now! Registration Packet

Call for weekly tours & more information:  303-387-6725

Tour our school, meet our teachers and see for yourself!

Heritage understands the importance of choosing the best school for your child and we encourage you to visit our school.  Tours will provide general information about our school, curriculum, culture, a chance to ask questions, and glimpses into our classrooms where you can see our amazing teachers in action!

A Day In The Life of a Kindergartener

  • Structured, Rigorous, Play-Based Curriculum

  • Differentiation – We meet the student at their level and ensure growth

  • Voice & Choice – Building ownership in their learning

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Authentic Learning Experiences

  • Dedicated Kindergarten Educational Assistant

  • 2 Amazing Stellar Kindergarten Teachers

  • A peek at our schedule:

    • 8:35  - Brain Bins, Journaling

    • 8:50  - Specials (Art, Music, PE)

    • 9:30  - Learning Activities: Reading/Writing 

    • 10:15 -  Recess

    • 10:30 -  Learning Activities: Literacy Groups

    • 11:35  - Lunch

    • 12:30  - Solitude (quiet time)

    • 12:50  - Learning Activities: Math

    • 1:35 - Recess

    • 1:50    - Learning Activities: Social Studies & Science

    • 2:40   - Discovery Time 

    • 3:15 - Clean and Pack Up

    • Thursdays - 12:40-1:20 - Library 

    • Wednesdays- 1:10-1:50 -STEAM

What Sets Us Apart?

Points of Pride for Heritage Elementary:

  • One of only 3 Douglas County Elementary Schools to win both the 2019 John Irwin Award and the 2019 Colorado’s Governor’s Distinguished School Award

  • Positive Behavior Support System:   Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

  •  Full Time Specials Programming including ART, MUSIC, & PE

  •  Double Specials Extensions twice per week including STEAM, Financial Literacy,  Sustainability, Social Emotional Learning & Character Building Education

  • Enrichment Opportunities

    •  Chess & Lego Club

    •  Art Class

    •  Tennis Club

    • Spelling Bee

  • Connected Community with family events including Father/Daughter dance, Mother/Son Event, Mornings With Mom, Donuts with Dad, Explorer Kick Off, School-wide Fund Run

  •  Latest Technology with 1:1 devices including iPads & Chromebooks

  •  Before and After school program available starting at 6am through 6pm