School Supplies

School Supplies
school supplies

Due to COVID-19, we have had to make many adjustments to our day to day operations.  With this in mind, all grade levels have made adjustments to their original school supply lists.

Please take a moment to look through your student’s updated list (linked below) and verify that your students have the newly added supplies.  If you purchased your school supplies through Edukit, these additions are not reflected in any of the kits received, so you will want to double check this against the new lists as well.

We recognize that some requests, like Clorox Wipes, will be difficult to find at this time.  We completely understand if your students do not have all supplies on the first day of school.  Please send them in as you are able to find them.

If you haven't done your school shopping yet, we have the following items available for purchase (first come, first served) at Heritage:

Current availability:

1 EduKit for 5th Grade ($120.76)

Koss Cushioned Headphones ($11.55 each) - 2 available

If you are interested in purchasing one of these items, please email to have this added to your student fees in MySchoolBucks.

If your student will be checking out a device from us, you may wish to consider purchasing a backpack with a tech compartment, or a cushioned technology sleeve to protect it during transport between home and school.

Students should bring all of their supplies on their assigned Orientation Day.  Be sure to refer to the school supply list posted on our school website, and LABEL all  items as indicated.  (Parents will not be able to walk into the building, however, we will have additional staff members to help the younger students  haul in their supply bags.)

Please find the updated grade level school supplies list in the link below.  You can also find them at any time on our website under the Family Resources tab.

Heritage Grade Level Supply Lists 2020-2021