Wish Week 2020

Wish Week is Coming!!!
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Wish Week is the time of the year where the entire Mountain Vista High School community comes together to raise as much money as possible for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Make-a-Wish Foundation helps families with a child suffering from a life-threatening illness by granting their wish. This could be meeting a celebrity, going on a vacation, etc.

During Wish Week last year, we adopted Chad into the Mountain Vista family and granted his wish to be a WWE Wrestler! He took on the name “Wish Warrior” and brought such a positive and fun energy to everyone’s lives. We granted his wish as well as 24 others! Over the course of 7 years, the Mountain Vista community has granted over 87+ wishes!!

This year, Wish Week is February 3th – February 8th.

Wish Week 2020 is also going to be a very special year. This year, our Wish Kid is named Je’moni (a.k.a. Moni) and his wish is to write, perform, and direct an original musical. His musical, called “Lost”, is about a kid who has a lot of stress and anxiety from being bullied and overworked at school. He decides to run away into the woods and becomes lost. Make sure you keep a close eye on February 7th to see how the story truly unfolds. 

Je’moni is 10 years old and has sarcoma cancer. Fortunately, Moni is in remission and doing well! He loves unique instruments, Broadway plays (especially Wicked and The Lion King), and spending time with his family. He also loves cheese pizza, Olive Garden, the TV show Phineas and Ferb, the Denver Broncos, New York City, and spreading positivity.


Aside from Raising Money for Make A Wish, another important component is rallying support around our Wish Kid Je’moni.  One way we do this as a MVHS feeder community is by Spirit Dress Days. 

  • Monday:

    • Wear Chad’s Be A Good Person Shirt from last year, or wear purple

  • Tuesday:

    • PJ DAY- Je’moni loves the “City that Never Sleeps”

  • Wednesday

    • SWINTER- (summer and winter clothes combined)-  Je’moni love Phineas & Ferb

  • Thursday

    • Safari Out- wear your favorite safari outfit and Jungle Prints- Je’moni’s favorite musical in the Lion King

  • Friday

    • Je’moni’s Be A Good Person shirt- Or wear MVHS Green (hunter green)


One way MVHS raises money is through selling Wish Week Shirts to students and parents at the high school, middle school, and elementary schools.  MVHS will be partnering with Be A Good Person for the fifth year as well as Love Your Laces for the second time! Be A Good Person customized a flag to match the shirts and Love Your Laces customized bracelets representing each past Wish Kid starting with Marlee. Both will be sold as part of the VIP Wish Kit.  The window to pre-order your shirts, flags and bracelets has closed.  You can call MVHS if you missed the deadline, sometimes they order extras that are available for purchase at the high school.

Another important fundraiser for MVHS is restaurant nights.  Please see the MVHS Wish Week activity calendar for a complete listing and details:

  • Monday:

    • Chipotle- 11-4

    • Shake Shack: 5-8

  • Tuesday:

    • Cuba Cuba- all day

    • MVHS Spaghetti Dinner- 5-7

    • Cold Stone- all day

  • Wednesday

    • Sweet Tomato- all day

    • Chick Fil A- 5-8

  • Thursday

    • Canes- 11-4

    • Subway- all day

  • Friday

    • Buffalo Wild Wings- all day

  • Saturday

    • Costa Vida- all day

    • Smoothie King- all day

Another component of Wish Week fundraising is a competition between the MVHS feeder elementary schools to raise money for Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Our Sixth Grade Leadership team is already off to a great start. From selling “BOO” pops and Naughty or Nice treats they have already raised over $1700!  Stayed tuned to our Thursday blast for upcoming fundraisers: Penny Wars, Candy Grams, etc.



We have been working with Mountain Vista Media, who is helping grant Je’moni’s wish. Be sure to stay tuned with their SnapChat (MV Media vista_now) and Twitter (@vista_now). To ensure that you receive all information.  You can follow our MV Unit twitter (MV_Unit) or our Instagram (@mvhsupdates).