Learning at Heritage

Reading, Writing, & Communicating 


WONDERS Reading 2020 by McGraw Hill

Wonderworks Reading Intervention

Science of Reading

Thinking Maps

Write From the Beginning & Beyond

Colorado Read Act Literary Trans.

Every student receives appropriate reading and writing instruction based upon their current level of performance and instructional next steps. We have school-wide systems in place to assess students’ reading and writing abilities and interventions/extensions to address their needs. We personalize the language arts experience to provide rich and engaging learning opportunities for our students to develop these important skills.



We use a math program called enVision Math. This is a district-approved curriculum which a large majority of DCSD schools use.  It provides an intuitive lesson format that is engaging and kid-friendly, making math fun and memorable. It contains student-created examples, online games, and downloadable apps that move students from learning abstract concepts to concepts they can apply. Like all other content areas, in addition to the enVision math program, we pull in resources as needed and instruction is tailored to meet individual student needs.



We use the Colorado Academic Standards to drive our science instruction along with a district wide program called StemScopes. The Science standards reflect a new vision for science education that connects scientific knowledge, in authentic ways, to real-world problem solving and innovation. Each grade level studies Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science.


Social Studies

We use the Colorado Academic Standards to drive our social studies instruction. The Social Studies standards guide students in developing the knowledge and skills to make sound judgments, understand historical and contemporary experiences/events, analyze interpersonal and global tensions, and actively participate in the complex world in which they live. The standards support the use of reasoned and reflective thinking to engage and collaborate with others in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world.


Special Education

All kids learn at a different pace, thrive in different ways, and may benefit from support beyond the classroom teacher. The more students are involved in their learning, whether in the classroom, in The Studio, or at home, the more powerful the learning becomes. Our Take Charge initiative has allowed students to understand not only what their goals are but why they’ve been selected. From there, students have a say in how they will have opportunities to practice toward their goals and show growth beyond the intervention practice and formal assessment. This initiative encourages students to realize their learning styles and, with support, incorporate additional ways to accomplish their goals.

Specials Offered



Physical Education

School Assessments

  • iReady Diagnostic Assessment Tool both math and reading

  • Wonders Reading Progress Monitoring Assessments

  • Curriculum Based Assessments

  • State Mandated Tests


School Wide Homework Expectations

We want to clarify what the expectations are around homework at Heritage. Each grade level looks a little different when it comes to what is being assigned to students based on age and skill building goals. We want to make a few things clear:

  1. Homework should be:

  • skill building, 

  • differentiated for each student's skill level, 

  • tasks that can be completed independently, 

  • an opportunity for parents to engage in what is being taught/learned in class, 

  • and an opportunity for students to learn good work habits. 

  1. Homework should NOT be: 

  • overly frustrating, 

  • exhausting, 

  • or cause family conflict. 

  1. Homework should never take longer than 10 minutes per grade level. For example, if you have a 4th grader who has diligently worked for 40 minutes on their homework, please have them stop even if they aren’t finished and make a note informing the teacher. We never want to see our students spending longer than 10 minutes per grade level on homework after having been at school all day. We believe that rest and exercise are essential to good health and real learning!

  1. PLEASE reach out to teachers when you have a long night of dance/soccer practice/etc. or other extenuating circumstances which makes homework an extra stressor to complete. Our teachers are completely understanding of life outside of school and the time crunch it all can bring. 


Supplemental Curriculum