Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are now part of the “big” kids at Heritage. They have transitioned from the primary stage of elementary school to the intermediate stage.

Fourth grade is about learners being engaged and interested in their content areas through making decisions with strong personal voice and choice. We create goals from a growth mindset for how we want to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. Our classrooms foster inclusive, caring, supportive, and challenging environments.

Learning in 4th grade involves: Changing from learning to read to reading to learn.  We increase the focus on developing vocabulary.  Writing becomes more in depth as we learn to expand on our ideas with greater detail.  In math we explore various ways of solving computation and word problems while expanding core skills.  Science we explore topics such as: Characteristics of energy and motion, structures and functions of living organisms, and humans' interactions with the Earth and how it has changed over time. Finally, in social studies we will be learning about the colorful history and development of the state of Colorado. In addition to the many academic areas of focus, we will learn how to become more independent learners and how to take more ownership and responsibility for our learning.